Carpet Cleaning Chemicals



Fabric Brightener - Oxidizing Agent High-Strength liquid Oxidizer for Stain Removal and Dingy Traffic Lanes.Booster for adding stain removal to prespraysBreaks Down Pet Odors - Dilute 8-1 in Inline SprayerRemoves Blood @ 50% strength (synthetic...

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Fome Alone


Professional carpet restoration technicians use Foam Alone to prevent build up of foam inside waste tanks, shampooing machines and floor scrubbers. Managements and commercial properties use Foam Alone to prevent foam build up in water fountains for a...

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White Lightning

$29.95 $14.95

      Highly recommended for the most difficult yellow, brown, orange and green stains. The heat transfer method is the preferred way remove these stubborn stains, but you may also wait over night for the stain to disappear...

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Urine Pet Treatment


     Highly recommended for removal of urine soaked residues in carpet or upholstery. Dissolves heavy, grimy urine residue and prepares the nitrogenous wastes for a thorough removal by rinsing. Works great for any job that requires removal...

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Super Task Force


     Highly recommended to use along side with liquid alive (optional). Combine with Liquid Alive and pre-spray carpets for a concentrated odor eliminator. When the strongest smells can't be exterminated, add destroyer into the mix...

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     Highly recommended to have as a household item for any localized stains. Removes stains from carpets and upholstery. Stainerator is your best solution to quickly eliminate grease, oil, tar, coffee, ketchup, chocolate, soft drinks and...

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Rust Remover


     Recommended for rust stains, iron & mineral deposits left on carpets. Rust Remover chemically neutralizes rust and removes metal markings. Safe on most fabrics and carpet surfaces.  Directions: Test dye for...

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