Shampoos & Degreasers



Fabric Brightener - Oxidizing Agent High-Strength liquid Oxidizer for Stain Removal and Dingy Traffic Lanes.Booster for adding stain removal to prespraysBreaks Down Pet Odors - Dilute 8-1 in Inline SprayerRemoves Blood @ 50% strength (synthetic...

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Magnum Blue


     Highly recommended for a carpet pre-spotter degreaser. Used on major carpet restoration jobs (Mix 16 oz. per 5 gallons of water. Pre-spray carpet thoroughly.)         Magnum blue is a heavy duty shampoo...

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Pet Carpet Shampoo


Pet owners and carpet technicians love using pet carpet shampoo to clean and deodorize their carpets. This product contains powerful enzymes that digest bacteria and oils to remove pet odors. Pet Carpet Shampoo also deodorizes whether you're cleaning...

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