Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

Liquid Alive


     Highly Recommended for odor control & deodorizing carpets, works amazing on pet, smoke, liquor, mildew,vomit, bacteria & other strong odors. Combine with Super Task Force and/or Destroyer for stronger bonding agent...

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Dye Stain Remover


     Highly recommended for the removal of red stains. Improves furniture stains.    The heat transfer method allows for the removal process to be executed properly. Directions Apply product generously to stained area &...

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     Highly recommended for destroying odors especially of combined with Liquid Alive and/or Super Task Force. Lifts bad odors from carpets and destroys them, works well on strong odors.      ...

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Berry Berry


     One of the most recommended from our customers and by us. Use it as an air freshener, carpet deodorizer, or gum remover. Berry Berry is a strawberry scented fragrance made to last longer than water based products. Excellent for cars,...

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Pet Carpet Shampoo


Pet owners and carpet technicians love using pet carpet shampoo to clean and deodorize their carpets. This product contains powerful enzymes that digest bacteria and oils to remove pet odors. Pet Carpet Shampoo also deodorizes whether you're cleaning...

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