Berry Berry

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Berry Berry

     One of the most recommended from our customers and by us. Use it as an air freshener, carpet deodorizer, or gum remover. Berry Berry is a strawberry scented fragrance made to last longer than water based products. Excellent for cars, offices, homes, kitchen appliances and carpet cleaning.

Berry Berry removes tar, grease, oil, gum, glue, crayon, lipstick, makeup, wax, creosote, asphalt, soap scum, fresh oil base paint from carpet, wood, metal, fiberglass, tile, glass, plexiglass, acrylic, paint & skin.  


    Use full strength for long lasting deodorizer. Use full strength or dilute 5:1. Apply on a clean cloth to carpet to remove gum, tar, grease, etc. Do not saturate carpet or damage to the backing may occur. Dilute 2:1 for a pre-spray. Use full strength for paneling, counter tops, bathroom tile and fixtures. 


Keep out of children. Do not use or store near near flames, spark, or heat. Prolonged eye contact contact will cause serious eye damage. Rinse well with water if eye contact occurs. Seek a physician.